Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Because, Science!

Who doesn't love science that involves clocks powered by potatoes? Nobody, that's who! An episode of the Big Bang Theory even had an episode featuring Professor Proton (the always fabulous Bob Newhart) and a potato clock.

While writing my latest book, a prequel to An Etiquette Guide to the End Times, my main character (spoiler!) finds herself with an abundance of rutabagas. I was noodling about what to have her do with them, when it occurred to me: Rutabaga clock! My better half was skeptical if it would work or not, so the only thing to do, obvs, was to buy a potato clock kit and test it out. The rest is nerdy history, folks:

My latest, featuring a potential collapse of the Greenland ice sheet, an overbearing home automation system, and rutabagas, will be out in March.

ETA: Rudy the rutabaga clock is still going strong - and has now sprouted hair: