Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Oh, Martha

Martha Stewart caused a bit of a flap earlier this month with her tweet about drones taking pictures of her property:

The tweet immediately sparked a whole ton of re-tweeting and favoriting (not a word) and so on, and apparently, comments about the drone crashed her server. (Ha! I used to be a sysadmin, so I can say that.)

She then followed up with:

And by God, folks, that's the first time anyone ever has referred to a drone as fabulous. I'm surprised she didn't wrap it in doilies and name it Binky. Which would be awesome.

I talk a bit about drones in my last book, An Etiquette Guide to the End Times, and my latest novel, the second in the series, opens with a semi-terrifying-but-slightly-humorous drone delivery in my main character's front yard. For those of you who haven't seen Amazon's latest attempt to take over the world fictionalized example of how drone delivery would work, they have posted a copy to Youtube and it's fascinating. Enjoy!